Pilot Plant

This >$6M project demonstrates S2G’s unique ability to evaluate a variety of crude sugar streams for the creation of broad bio-based polyols that are traditionally manufactured from fossil fuels. Its novel process builds significant value on cheap, crude sugar sources such as biodiesel, hard and softwoods, sugarcane and bagasse, along with non-wood sources like wheat straw.

Operating since November, 2012 the pilot plant exceeds performance expectations and replicates industrial conditions through 24h/d operations, and is capable of producing more than 50 mtpy of polyols. 

Sugar conditioning versatility is showcased by the capacity to process a wide range of potential partner sugars through S2G’s lab facilities in   Vancouver, Canada, and Seattle, USA. Using established industrial techniques, these conditioning applications select, isolate and remove ash and carbohydrate components as well as reducing colour for industrial or food-grade product specifications. Processing flexibility allows for process differentiation between GMO and GMO-free crude sugar sources.

S2G has relationships with provincial (BC) and federal (Canada and the US) governments to foster industrial partnerships with Fortune 500 companies for evaluating timely deployment of its technologies and business models for the bio-based polyols market.

Siting is at the National Research Council’s Centre for Fuel Cell Innovation (NRC) on the grounds of the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus in Vancouver, Canada.

Visit our offices in Vancouver Canada on the campus of UBC at the National Research Council Facility.

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