Situated in the Pacific Northwest, S2G’s three laboratories provide critical sampling, operation and process modeling data at the Universities of British Columbia (UBC) and Washington campuses, as well as in Vancouver, Washington.

Research and Development

At the U of Washington, the research team brings more than 100 collective years of related experience. The laboratory comprises extensive equipment for extracting crude sugars from a variety of fibres along with bench scale pilot reactors and acidic and enzymatic hydrolysis technique capabilities.

In Vancouver, Washington, a separate research team focuses on specific conditioning and houses extensive decolourization, agglomeration and ash chemistry capabilities.

NRC Technical Development Centre

Located on site with S2G’s full scale pilot plant at the National Research Council in Vancouver, Canada, the Centre provides adaptable and broad-scope, fill service analytic capabilities.

In collaboration with its global industrial catalyst suppliers, the Centre's modular bench scale pilot reactors establish reaction kinetics essential for optimized candidate catalyst selection and development R&D. These processes ensure ideal conditions for safe and reproducible evaluation on full pilot scale.

Individual feedstock conditioning and purity requirements are monitored using sophisticated, established analytical techniques widely accepted in industry.

Visit our offices in Vancouver Canada on the campus of UBC at the National Research Council Facility.

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