S2G offers a complete solution to BioRefinery partners, comprising validation, design, scaleup, commissioning, operations and training for its integrated biochemical plant design.

Engineering and Project Management

Working closely with customers and strategic partners, S2G’s engineering group specializes in the development and scaleup of proprietary technology trains to commercialize the production of market polyol products from the broadest assortment of crude glycerol, cellulosic C5 and C6 sugars.

S2G uses this modular concept that is scalable to a wide variety of project sizes with process and operational risk management inherent from the early conceptual design stage through to full operation.

This approach is evident in the specific trial plans S2G develops for each candidate crude sugar. These include bench to pilot scale trials, analytical data collection, process modeling and engineering design studies. This process creates the modular, reproducible technology trains that condition, convert, separate and recover the applicant sugar in a seamless and integrated manner.

Integrated With Complementary BioProduction

S2G ensures its bioconversion process is integrated with complementary biofuel and biomaterial production processes, ensuring energy and utilities are optimized and overall value creation is maximized.

The integrated engineering, operations and research team provides rigorous technical, IP development and project leadership capabilities to the rollout of new plants, ensuring process risks are identified and mitigated. 

Design and Evaluation

Aspen Process modeling, analytical data and extensive engineering and industrial experience underpin preliminary economic development and sensitivity analyses.

Seamless analysis is integrated from front end engineering design through   construction grade processing design and budgeting with third parties   to managing timelines, permitting and rollout demands.

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