Food Ingredients


Xylitol is a premium sweetener - that looks and tastes like regular table sugar - used in chewing gum and mints.

With 1/3 the calories of regular sugar, it is a healthy alternative with a low glycemic index.

Xylitol also helps prevent dental cavities and plaque.

Xylitol is found in woody fibrous plant material of either corn cobs or trees. S2G takes this natural and low-cost renewable waste and extracts the xylitol using its chemical conversion process providing a significant cost advantage over existing complicated, inefficient, costly and unsustainable processes.

In additional to being a healthy food ingredient, xylitol also has commercial applications in the pharmaceutical sector.

Xylitol’s market size is expected to grow considerably as leading companies such as Mondelēz International, a global snack food giant and strategic partner of S2G, offer sustainable and cost-competitive solutions to meet the burgeoning demand for sustainable, healthy and flavorful food products.

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