At the heart of an S2G BioRefinery is the production of bio-glycols: ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and related products.

A Growing Market

Glycols are cornerstones of the industrial chemicals industry and are used by leading companies to produce a wide range of common consumer products. This is a $30B annual market and demand continues to grow at over 3% annually.

Diverse Applications

Leading consumer products companies are increasingly switching to sustainable sources of this vital and widely used material.

Many common household products in daily use contain USP or food grade propylene glycol, from liquid detergents and lotions to personal care products and car antifreeze.

A major application for another glycol, resin-grade ethylene, is in the manufacture of PET resins. Demand for this versatile material is booming, for use in PET containers, packaging material and many other common household products.

S2G also produces related high value products for the pharmaceutical, high performance plastics and food industries.

The problem is that glycols are derived primarily from petroleum products, a source associated with escalating and volatile pricing, supply and security concerns along with rising greenhouse gas emissions.

S2G bio-glycols offers an alternative by producing the identical products from low-cost, sustainable, non-food biomass.  Customers can replace their petrochemicals with a sustainable alternative, without compromising on price or product quality.

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