Board of Directors

In addition to Mark, Terry and Khalid, the Board of Directors comprises:

Rick Hopp - Chairman of the Board

Richard is Vice President Business Development and President of HTEC (Hydrogen Technology and Energy Corporation). He is responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities in the clean energy and technology sectors. He has over 27 years of experience in the energy sector both in Canada and abroad. His areas of extensive knowledge and expertise include: policy development and marketing, energy project development, management, project financing, and operations as well as being instrumental throughout his career in identifying and commercializing development opportunities in a dynamic energy and alternative energy marketplace.

Richard began his career with the Province of British Columbia as an economist and senior energy policy advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Mines and Petroleum Resources. He then worked for the Provincial Treasury Board Staff. After leaving the public sector in 1989, he entered the field of energy marketing and power development with Inland Natural Gas Marketing Ltd. As President of Inland, Richard expanded the company into one of the largest regional markets of energy services to the industrial and utility markets. In 1995, he co-founded ETA Canada, now Maxim Power Corp and helped it grow from a small developer of primarily renewable energy power systems to a large scale owner operator of larger power systems utilizing natural gas, diesel and coal using conventional simple cycle and cogeneration technologies.

Chris Sacré - Director

Chris is the President and CEO of the Sacre-Davey Group - representing Sacré-Davey Engineering, Sacré-Davey Structures, Sacré-Davey Innovations and Sacré-Davey Group International - its international arm. He joined the firm in 1988, was appointed general manager in 1995 and in 1996 became President and CEO. Chris's corporate responsibilities include business management, business development, customer service and project coordination. With a background in business, design, field and office experience, he has developed a strong ability to foresee project or industry challenges and apply a practical approach to their resolution. Working successfully with his team, Chris has grown Sacré-Davey's sales over 500% and has evolved its scope of operations from a civil engineering and project management firm to a full service, multi-disciplinary engineering and technology firm operating on three continents. Chris is also the Vice Chair of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Canada and director of HTEC (Hydrogen Technology and Energy Corp).

Colin Armstrong - Director

Colin is the President and CEO of HTEC (Hydrogen Technology and Energy Corp) and is a founding director and investor. He is a senior mechanical engineer, project manager and business developer with over 25 years of experience in company start up, government funding and product development and introductions. Colin was a key partner in the successful startup of Dynetek Industries (DNK.TO) and its leading compressed hydrogen storage systems. Colin’s extensive knowledge of the hydrogen energy sector stems from involvement with leading players in the industry including Sacré‐Davey Engineering, Powertech Labs, and Ballard Power Systems. He was the Director of the Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project for Sacré‐Davey Innovations which he led from development through the successful securing of $19M and a 6 year operations phase.

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